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Motor Coaches

At Golden Arrow, we understand that the equipment we use is very important to your tour group. The coach you use is the one thing that remains constant throughout your trip. A poor hotel room, or even poor weather, is soon left behind. The coach you use is not.
All of our coaches are equipped with washrooms, air conditioning, a VCR or DVD video system, and a CD or cassette sound system. And, of course, each coach has a public address system.

Golden Arrow currently has 40 coaches equipped with 56 seats that are newer than year 2014.

These coaches are 45 feet long and are either Motor Coach Industries (MCI) J – 4500’s or Prevost H3-45’s.

All of these coaches are equipped with Cat or Detroit 60 Series engines. These engines are very fuel efficient, minimizing the environmental effect of their operation. In fact, we can achieve 500 “people miles” per gallon of fuel, the best fuel efficiency of any vehicle anywhere.

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